About Us

Who we are, what we do, our history...

Who We Are

Neat Music is a product of ABSoft Ltd. ABsoft Ltd is a private limited company founded in 2007. Our passion of music and developing high quality software brought us to develop Neat Music the most stable and advanced music cleaning software for iTunes on Windows.

How it Begun

Portable music players have just made music so much accessible and fun. We like many others who have their music stored by iTunes, hated how much work it is organizing our music files. As software developers and serious music lovers, we had to do something. Neat Music was developed to be all in one solution for cleaning messy music libraries.

From fixing wrong song meta data to finding the right album art all done automatically using the most advance techniques in music identification and correction.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality and most reliable software to serve the needs of music lovers in creating the best music experience on all their music devices.



Basim Samir is a passionate software developer with more than 8 years experience in building online products. Developed Neatmusic back in 2009 with his team and went live in 2010. Currently still he is the CEO of Neatmusic


ABsoft LTD
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