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Add Album Artwork

Neat Music adds album artwork to your entire music collection in just a few clicks. Enjoy beautiful album art on iTunes and all Apple devices

100 Song Cleanups
Clean Up Song Info

Get Missing Album Artwork

Save Hours of Your Time

Neat Music finds album artwork for your songs by searching several music databases to return the best matched album artwork for it. Finding album art for 1000 songs would take hours, now with Neat Music it will take just minutes.

Prefect Image Size

Get the best album artwork images with 600x600 pixels resolution, thats the optimum image size for you iTunes and portable Apple devices. Bigger sizes are not good as they take valuable disk space and smaller sizes look ugly.

Single or Album? No Problem

Do you have a song that belongs to many albums with each different album covers? Find the exact album artwork your looking for between 6 different album artwork images returned for each song.


Apply Missing Album Art

Fastest Way to Add Album Art to iTunes

It takes just a double click to add album covers with Neat Music. Apply artwork to your entire music collection automatically in just minutes. You iTunes will look better than ever!

Save More Space

Songs could have several album art images taking up so much disk space on your portable devices, Neatmusic deletes all those unnecessary album images before adding your chosen album art.

Beautiful Artwork on Your iPhone, iPod and iPad

Add Album Artwork to your iPhone, iPod and iPad

No more blank album covers on your Apple gadgets. Sync your iPhone/iPad and iPod to iTunes after Neat Music is done cleaning your music and your songs will be updated with al the new album covers added.