Neat Music Box

Clean Up Song Info

Neat Music corrects and adds missing song info intelligently to your entire music collection in just a click. Enjoy a neatly organized music collection on iTunes and all Apple devices

100 Song Cleanups
Clean Up Song Info

Fix Song Info

Fix All Songs in One Click

Sit back and relax as Neat Music uses intelligent music recognition powered by a 20 million song database to discover your songs data and correct it. Neatmusic will clean up all your music library in just minutes automatically .

Capitalize Your Songs

Capitalizes the first letters of all your songs data, makes your library much more readable. Turn "adelle - skyfall" into "Adelle - Skyfall"

Auto Fill Ripped CDs Data

Do you rip a CD and have those annoying "Track1" "Unknown Artist" titles? Neat Music will intelligently identify the CD you just ripped and correct all those titles for you.

Add Missing Song Info

Its just this simple to add album covers with Neat Music. Apply artwork to each song in an album automatically in just a second.


Beautifully Organized Library

Group Songs Like they Should Be

Do you have 10 different names of the same album/artist? Correcting song data groups your songs into one album or artist as you may have wished for. Now all those songs with artist name "Cold-Play" "COLDPLAY" "Cold Play" be all under one name "Coldplay"

Genius Album Recognition

Does a song belong to a Collection or an Album? Neat Music first understands your library before fixing your songs. If you songs belong to a "Very Best of Frank Sinatra" Collection Neat Music will cleverly understand that before making the appropriate changes rather than divid your songs into several different albums.

Much Easier library

Grouped Artists, Albums and Genres

Do you hate incomplete albums on your iPhone or iPod? Wrong song info creates a messy music library. Neatmusic will make your albums, artists and genres spelled correctly and so group them together correctly. Not only that, your library will look beautiful with correctly Capsized song data. Now when you Sync you Apple devices with iTunes your music will be perfectly neat!