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The Most Advanced iTunes Music Library Organizer

Downloading NeatMusic...

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1. Run the Neatmusic installer

Click on the .exe file that just downloaded in the lower left corner of your browser window.

2. Accept Security Changes

Allow Neatmusic to start the installer.

3. Start Installation

Click "Next" and follow through the installer instruction, and you're good to go!

Upgrade Now and Unleash the Full Potential of Neatmusic

With Neatmusic in "Trial" mode you can only clean up and add album artwork to 50 Songs. Get the most of Neatmusic now to clean your whole library with unlimited song cleans ups and unlimited album artwork when you purchase Neatmusic 2018 Bundle. Order today Neatmusic the #1 music organizer for iTunes with a 30-Day risk free money back guarantee.

Getting Started With NeatMusic.

Once you run Neatmusic, it will automatically open your iTunes to start scanning your music library. During the first scan Neatmusic can take a few minutes to index your music in its database. Once your music is loaded into Neatmusic you are ready to start cleaning your music.

Visit our online help to learn how you can easily start fixing your music library. If you have any questions or help any help please contact our 24h technical support.