Neat Music Box

Smartest iTunes
library organizer

Neatmusic awesomely organizes your music collection on your iTunes and all Apple devices

100 Song Cleanups
Clean Up Song Info

Intelligent Song Identification

Identify Any Song

Discover your songs original Title, Artist, Track and Genre. Neat Music will identify any song by using a unique acoustic fingerprint recognition technology powered by No matter how messed up your music files are Neat music will listen to your songs and discover what each song is.

Super Fast Identification

It takes just seconds for each song to be identified and its complete information returned. Fixes 100 songs in just 5 minutes

Largest Music Database

Powered by Last.FM gigantic music database almost any song can be identified by Neat Music. If your music albums are from the 60's or the just released Neat music will identify almost anything.


Clean Up Song Info and Typos

Corrects Songs Info

Songs with incorrect track, album or artist names will be all automatically fixed with the correct details and capitalized correctly to look beautiful. Neatmusic will turn your "Track 1" "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown 2/12/2011" song metadata to its correct information in just seconds and automatically. No more artists and albums names with a thousand different spellings. Now you will easily be able to find all the tracks that belong to an artist or album.

Complete Missing Information

Tracks with missing artist, album or track names will be all completed to the correct matching detail of the song. Complete music makes your library easier to use and navigate.

Intelligently Returns Best Matched Album

Neat Music will intelligently return the right album and artist name of songs that belong to multiple albums. By understanding you music library and your current song meta data Neat music will identify the most relevant album for that song.

Add Album Artwork

Automatically Finds Missing Album Artwork

Find high quality album artwork for you songs automatically, no more boring black empty album artwork on your iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Neat Music accurately returns album artwork for you songs no matter how new or old your albums and singles are.

High Quality Artwork

Replace those ugly and pixelated album artworks with the original high quality album artwork of your albums. Neat music returns several high quality artworks images and sorts them intelligently suggests the best and most relevant ones.

Easily Change Album Artwork

Changing album art for all the tracks in an album just requires a simple double click. Neat music divides your music by albums to simplify adding album art for all your songs.


Works Flawlessly

Simple to Use

Neat Music has been designed to be powerful and intelligent yet so simple to use. Divided into 2 easy to use tabs, Clean Music and Album Artwork, with a few clicks you will get all the work done automatically.

Even The Biggest Music Libraries

Do you have a library with 10,000+ Songs? No problem, Neat Music has been developed with extreme details to its stability and efficiency.

Other Features

  • Search - Find tracks you want specifically clean easily
  • Filters - Filter songs by All , Complete Data, Incomplete Data.
  • Media Player - Play songs while using Neat Music.